Introducing the R1Soft Backup Solution by Idera

O30 Day Restore Points on our every Shared web hosting account. Proof that AGM Web Hosting

Continues to bring our customers the best solutions with NO additional costs.

Simply login to your cPanel, click on the R1Soft Restore Backups Icon and easily retrieve any, or all files on your account, anytime day or night.

30 Day Restore Points of any file.

For VPS and Dedicated Servers, you will need to buy R1SOFT Packages as below.

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R1SOFT PLAN'S For VPS and Dedicated Servers


R1S 100 100 GB 1 Rs.1215.00/ mo Get Started
R1S 250 250 GB 1 Rs.1515.00/ mo Get Started
R1S 500 500 GB 1 Rs.2215.00/ mo Get Started
R1S 1TB 1TB 1 Rs.3115.00/ mo Get Started

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