Our Partner Program

Every client will meet the best platform and will have lots of functionalities at AGM Web hosting. We promise you to reach the profit margin of your sites and marketing services with the best affiliate techniques.

SLAB1 रू 20K/month - 5%

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SLAB2 रू 1L/Month - 10 %

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SLAB3 रू 5L/Month - 15%

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SLAB4 रू 25L/Month - 25%

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After meeting Slab 1 criteria, that is doing business 20K per month(via domain and hosting purchase), they're eligible to get 5% discount on every purchase(both domain and hosting) they make in that month.

Partner Program Terms and Conditions

Additional service taxes may be applicable based on your location as per government regulations. You will see the final amount in your cart/invoice..


Why Partner with AGM for Startups?

AGM for Startup Partners help them grow with it and give them the right platform to build their marketing strategies in the way which can help them scale up in an exponential manner. Joining us will let them have the benefits that no other Partner Program can offer in the current market. The discounts that you will get in different services range according to the different slabs that you can cover with your different marketing, sales and promotional techniques. The various benefits includes:

  • Cheap Access to Services: Gain access to our Startup related services on great discounted rates.
  • Best-in-Class Support: Get the resources your startups need to succeed—from AGM expert advice, to one-on-one support.
  • Exclusive Tiered Benefits: Our Partner Tiers program offers exclusive access to live online chats, in-person trainings, and more for easy understanding.
  • A Growing Startup Community: Join our fast growing startup ecosystem and get access to our exclusive offers tailored just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just one great partnership with the right person can have an incredible impact on your business success. Invest with Us to Avail More Discounts!
Our team will activate discount in your client area. Having said that each discount will be reflected in your checkout page during the purchases of any services.

Once, you complete the first slab, after that you can create the ticket.

You can join Our slab 2 partner program simply by purchasing more AGM Web Hosting services.


Using the popular keywords in appropriate amounts and at targeted places in a website helps it to have the top-notch baggage.

Keywords Used

Precise use of keywords plays a vital role in a website’s growth.

Traffic Analysis

The expert team of AGM of analyses the correct and effective measures of traffic.

Latest Technologies

We use latest technologies to cope up with the increasing competition among websites.