AGM Web Hosting

We at AGM (Astute Gregarious and Matchless) web hosting company aims to prove our name completely true to you.


We are Astute- We have an ability to assess situations and problems accurately for turning this to your advantage.


We are Gregarious-Completely friendly and social, so you won't be finding any problem in dealing with us.


We are Matchless too-You will find our services completely incomparable to others. We work in our own unique way.

Being a quality service provider of hosting services all over World, we make your website accessible via the internet and take your company to new heights. By dealing with domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, etc. and providing 24*7 supports, we are now a trusted name in web hosting industry.

About our Company

Make Web Hosting Even Greater With Us.

It’s a better customer service experience that keeps our customers loyal to us and our business. Mostly striving in creating raving customers, there are only a few particulars in AGM Web Hosting which add a slight twist to our exceptional service experience.

Meet Our Team

Our employee here is the part of our small family, and each one represents the spirit of this incredible company. These people have some magical wand in their hands that makes them so perfect for blending their creativity with technical wizardry.

Hari Bashyal

Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Project Manager

Sandip Adhikari

Telesales & SEO Executive


Senior Marketing Manager

What Sets Us Apart?


In the 6 years, we’ve been in business, we’ve seen it all. Each year, we bring thousands of businesses online from all over Nepal. We hardly say “It’s somebody else’s fault. If we say, we really mean it.” We continually test different methods to create new kinds of experiences for you.

Our Contacts

We are friendly and always available to chat or call. If you want to get the answers to your all queries and doubts, we are always eager to help you in all ways possible.

Just feel free to contact us at our numbers-+9779869421801 (Sales & Inquiries) and +9779864333497 (Technical Support) to get in touch with our ready-to-help representatives.