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Domains Pricing

Domains Registration Transfer Renewal
.COM NPR 999 NPR 999 NPR 1199
.NET NPR 1320 NPR 1899 NPR 1899
.ASIA NPR 1599 NPR 1699 NPR 1699
.INFO NPR 1399 NPR 1899 NPR 1899
.BIZ NPR 1499 NPR 1999 NPR 1999
.CO NPR 1118 NPR 2878 NPR 2878
.ORG NPR 1699 NPR 1899 NPR 1899
.US NPR 799 NPR 959 NPR 959
.MOBI NPR 1118 NPR 1920 NPR 1920
.CLUB NPR 479 NPR 1599 NPR 1599
.CRICKET NPR 7200 NPR 7200 NPR 7200
.UK NPR 639 NPR 959 NPR 959
.CN NPR 816 NPR 1119 NPR 1119
.EU NPR 879 NPR 1119 NPR 1119
.BZ NPR 2079 NPR 2239 NPR 2239
.CC NPR 2079 NPR 2239 NPR 2239
.TV NPR 2879 NPR 3199 NPR 3199
.NAME NPR 1119 NPR 1279 NPR 1279
.UK.COM NPR 3199 NPR 3999 NPR 3999
.UK.NET NPR 6079 NPR 4319 NPR 4319
.ME NPR 3359 NPR 3359 NPR 3359
.TEL NPR 1759 NPR 1759 NPR 1759
.NZ NPR 1279 NPR 1439 NPR 1439
.CA NPR 1439 NPR 1759 NPR 1759
.DE NPR 799 NPR 959 NPR 959
.AUDIO NPR 1279 NPR 1599 NPR 1599
.BUZZ NPR 3839 NPR 3999 NPR 3999
.SC NPR 10560 NPR 10560 NPR 10560
.WIKI NPR 2719 NPR 2719 NPR 2719
.HOST NPR 319 NPR 11199 NPR 11199
.TOP NPR 999 NPR 1099 NPR 1099
.PW NPR 299 NPR 959 NPR 959
.SPACE NPR 2299 NPR 959 NPR 959
.PARTI NPR 239 NPR 959 NPR 959
.CO.UK NPR 959 NPR 1119 NPR 1119
.IN.NET NPR 249 NPR 1119 NPR 1119
.COM.AU NPR 1599 NPR 2079 NPR 2079
.ONLINE NPR 2999 NPR 4799 NPR 4799
.XYZ NPR 199 NPR 1299 NPR 1299
.PRO NPR 479 NPR 2089 NPR 2089


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General Questions

Frequently asked questions: Domain Transfer in Nepal

A domain name transfer refers to the process of changing the domain registrar from current one to the new one. And it is the very easy process provided that you follow the domain transfer procedure correctly. Once a transfer has been made, the new registrar will maintain all relevant information regarding the domain and the registrant. Domain names may be transferred only if they have been registered with the previous registrar for 60 days or more .

It is a very quick process. And involves following simple steps:
Step 1: To get started, Visit Domain Transfer Page at AGM Web Hosting
Step 2: Insert your domain name to be transferred in the 'Domain Name' tab.
Step 3: Provide the EPP Code/ Auth Code in the 'Authorization Code' tab.Make payment for the domain (bank deposit, esewa or paypal)
Step 4: Hit the 'Add to Cart' button and checkout using preferred payment method (eSewa, Bank Transfer or Paypal)
Step 5: Last but not the least, yet if the registrar lock is enabled in your current domain registrar, you need to disable to proceed domain transfer request.
Step 6: Once everything is correctly done, now you're ready to successfully transfer your domain name to the new domain registrar.

A domain transfer may take up to 7 to 10 days for the successful transfer. It is difficult to provide an exact time frame because it totally depends upon the previous registrar when they release your domain. For PDR, it takes maximum 30 minutes to transfer to AGM Web Hosting, however, in case of registrars GoDaddy, NameCheap, OwnRegistrar,INC., etc. takes up to maximum 7 to 10 days.

You can transfer your domain to us and feel confident that your website will not be impacted as we do not make any changes in the DNS section. In case if you want to make some, you can do that once the domain is in your AGM account.
Note: Please do not make any changes in the domain section during the transfer process. It might costs you even more time for the successful transfer of the domain name.

No, you do not have to make any payment simply for transferring domain names. However, at AGM we automatically renew your domain for 1 extra year, so you're asked to make domain renewal payment only.