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  • Single Domain
  • Domain-validation
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)
  • Issued within 2 days
  • Great for personal websites


  • Single Domain
  • Domain-validation
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)
  • Issued within 2 days
  • Great for personal websites


  • Single Domain
  • Wildcard
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)
  • Issued within 2 days
  • Great for personal websites


  • Single Domain
  • Extended Validation GREENBAR
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)
  • Issued within 2 days
  • Great for E-commerce, corporate

Why get an SSL certificate?

If you want to secure the connection in between your website and your website visitor's browser, you need to make sure you have a trusted and valid SSL running on your servers. Otherwise, you’re putting your customers and service users in an insecure environment. SSL(short for Secure Sockets Layer) ensures authentication, confidentiality and integrity thus making sure that none of the transmitted data is being altered. In addition, properly configured SSL connection also displays a padlock sign next to the address bar in the browser increasing customer confidence, their trust and enhances chances of better ranking in search engines too. Moreover, SSL certificate is an important attribute for a website that deals with critical customer data such as information transmitted through debit card/credit card. Thus, it is vital for your site to be secured by SSL connection providing safer place and engendering sense of trust for your customer to do business. You may find a suitable solution for affordable prices to fit your budget.

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About SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are digitally signed by a trusted CA(Certification Authorities). Anyone will form a certificate, but browsers only trust certificates that come from an organization on their list of trusted CA’s ensuring they are issued to legitimate owners of domains. Browsers generally come with a pre-installed list of trusted CAs, known as the Trusted Root CA store. In order to be eligible to the Trusted Root CA store and thus gain a certified authority, a company must comply with and be audited against security and authentication fair standards established by the browsers.

SSL certificates protect all critical, sensitive and private data transfer via websites and browsers and therefore gains greater sense of trust from end-customers and boost sales by increasing conversions. SSL Certificates aid to get higher ranking positions since Google has officially prioritized SSL secured sites to its algorithm as of 2014 and Chrome now will mark all HTTP sites as not secure. SSL certificates create a foundation of trust by green bar encryption ensuring secured connection and helping visitors to feel confident in making purchases.

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SSL Certificate Provider Nepal

Yet, wondering why you need an SSL for your website from a reliable SSL Certificate Provider in Nepal - AGM Web Hosting?

SSL Certificate in Nepal ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers are encrypted, remains private and integral.

If your website is without SSL, it reads something like this “Your connection is not private”. These messages and prompts have the potential to reduce traffic or web visitors to your website. Thus, an SSL certificate is fundamental to online security that provides confidentiality, integrity, and identity encrypting data transfer between users’ browsers and servers.

Which SSL plan to choose for your website? Positive SSL or WildCard SSL?

If your website has a single sub-domain for your domain name such as, you can go with the positive, rapid, or domain validated(DV) SSL. However, if your website has multiple sub-domains within the same primary domain such as,, and you want to secure all of them, PSSL and RSSL Wildcard certificate might best fit.

Remember, the more your website feels secured, the more others will find value in it!

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General Questions

An SSL certificate provides security to your website by safeguarding and encrypting the communications between the server and the person visiting your website. For using an SSL certificate, you have to install it on the server.

You need an SSL certificate if you are accepting credit card payments online through a merchant account. Even the authorities like credit card associations and networks make it a necessity for you to have an SSL certificate. This is because there is a transmission of critical information like card number, card holder’s name, card expiration date, CVV code etc. Getting an SSL certificate involved is an important aspect of making your website PCI compliant (A set of rules that have to be followed for accepting credit card payments). Moreover, an informed customer knows about website security and before making any purchase from your website, he / she confirms if your shopping cart is secure. You might lose out on potential customers if you have not secured your website with an SSL certificate.

The green address bar gives an indication to the user that your business is legitimate. The green bar is only available with the ‘TrueBusinessID’ SSL certificate. Moreover, the major web browsers have incorporated anti-phishing protection so that the known phishing websites will display a red address bar. As a result of this, a positive impact is created for the businesses that opt for a ‘TrueBusinessID’ SSL certificate.

In order to find out what kind of SSL certificate is used, the user simply has to click on the expeditedssl icon on the left hand side of the browser and he / she will get the information about the SSL certificate or the security of the website.

SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of the browsers including all the prominent web browsers.

CSR stands for ‘Certificate Signing Request’. CSR is the special key that is generated by the web server by using the unique private key of that server. The CSR is sent to the certificate issuer that generates the final SSL certificate. Once you sign up for any of the SSL certificates, AGM Web Hosting will take care of the CSR process.

Sure we will. When you sign up for any of the SSL certificates provided by us, we will install it on your website for free.
SSL certificates are host base. Therefore, one SSL certificate will work only for one website.

The minimum contract period for the SSL certificate is one year. Once the SSL is installed it cannot be cancelled.